About Plant Based Fuel BDA

Plant Based Fuel BDA is a food service business that provides high quality and creative plant based/vegan food. Our goal is to inspire and educate others on how to creatively fuel their bodies in a way that is tasteful, exciting, and most importantly more sustainable for human health and the health of our planet. 

We aim to reach everyone and anyone who is interested in a personal health evolution. We truly believe that Plant Based Nutrition is the way of the future and that doctors in the future will no long prevent/cure disease with medicine but with nutrition. Once people get educated on what, how and when to eat we believe that the chronic diseases that are destroying our species will no longer exist. 

Some of our future goals are to become a food enterprise that offers food prep services as well as a high end fine dinning restaurant. We want to raise the bar and break stereotypes while opening people’s minds on the power of plant based vegan.

About The Chef: Trevor Johnstone

Plant based Chef Trevor Johnstone started his culinary career back in 2005 when he attended The Bermuda College. Very excited to learn more about the food industry, he signed up to do his first internship at The Elbow Beach Bermuda working at Sea Horse Grill restaurant & The Café Lido restaurant.

After graduating from Bermuda College with his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts in 2007, Trevor attended Johnson & Wales University in Miami. During this time he interned at the famous South Beach Versace Mansion,  The  Mandarin Oriental and during the summer of 2009 he worked at Tuckers Point Hotel Bermuda. In 2010 Trevor graduated from University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts.

Moving back to Bermuda in 2012 his goal was to save up and embark on a new journey in Barcelona, Spain. While back home  he worked closely with friend Kamilah Cannonier during the beginnings of Sweetsaak Bakery. He then went on to work on the Spirit of Bermuda and soon after was hired as a Chef at Red Restaurant. Here he eventually become the Sus Chef and part of the opening team.

Years later in 2014 with only 2 suite cases Trevor moved to Barcelona, Spain. While there he worked at a vegetarian café, Café Camelia and Carles Abellan´s Tapas 24 which is known for their classical and modern tapas style plates.

In 2019 he completed Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s  eCornell Plant Based Nutrition course from Cornell University. Today he has moved back home to Bermuda as a plant based chef and nutrition advocate. Trevor is passionate about motivating and encouraging  people to eat healthier in order to live better!